Back-to-School Assignment for Teachers: Complete Our Safe Schools Survey

You can help Texas AFT prepare for the next legislative session in January by defining issues of campus safety and discipline that need to be addressed. Complete our new survey and let Texas AFT know what you think in response to questions like these:

  • Are educators at your campus using the Safe Schools Act, and are administrators adhering to the law?
  • Is your campus climate getting better or worse in the handling of discipline issues and student misconduct?
  • Are administrators supporting teachers’ efforts to maintain discipline?
  • Are restorative practices being used in addition to conventional disciplinary measures at your school?
  • Are you seeing consistent, non-discriminatory application of student discipline policies under the Safe Schools Act?

More than 20 years ago, Texas AFT launched its campaign to give educators key tools to respond to students who are violent, abusive, or chronically disruptive in the classroom. The Texas Legislature responded in 1995 with the Safe Schools Act. This law today continues to provide teachers and bus drivers with significant authority to help make our schools safe and orderly, and it puts a priority on appropriate educational placement of students with behavioral problems. But the law is not self-enforcing. It cannot work effectively if it is not applied correctly and fairly. To help you make sure the law is properly enforced, we also encourage you to read and put to use the latest edition of our Safe Schools Act “Guide for Texas Educators.”

If you are a Texas AFT teacher, please complete our short survey by September 30. If you are a Texas AFT bus driver, please be on the lookout for a separate short survey, designed especially with you and your fellow drivers in mind, to be launched soon.