Devastating Budget Cuts Headed for House Floor Vote on April 1

Be on the lookout for an Action Alert early next week on the looming budget votes in the Texas House next Friday.

The budget bill for 2012-2013, HB 1, would make massive cuts in essential public services, including our public schools. School districts would lose nearly $8 billion in state formula aid and more than $1 billion in discretionary state grants, for an average cut of more than $900 per pupil. Cuts of that magnitude would send a tidal wave of destruction through our public schools, forcing mass layoffs of 80,000 or more teachers and other school personnel and killing programs that provide educational opportunity for millions of Texas schoolchildren.  As the state’s own budget analysts disclosed yesterday, the combined effect of all the proposed cuts in education, health care, and other parts of the state budget would leave the Texas economy with 335,000 fewer public-sector and private-sector jobs by 2013, raising the unemployment rate above 10 percent and stunting economic growth.

Don’t let it be said that you let House members vote on this disastrous budget next Friday without having heard beforehand what you think of it. Stay tuned for information in the next Hotline on how Texas AFT will help you make your voice heard loud and clear.