Fraudulent Pro-Voucher Letters to Legislators Exposed

We thought we’d seen it all, but now comes word from the state Capitol that lawmakers have been receiving hundreds of pro-voucher letters purportedly coming from folks in their home districts–which those folks never sent or authorized. As reported by the Texas Tribune online news site, it seems the letters are all originating in Austin, and the constituents whose names were hijacked are outraged to have their names misused in support of pro-voucher views they actually oppose.

Tomorrow it so happens that the Texas Senate Education Committee will hold a hearing on the main voucher initiative of the 2017 session, SB 3. We think the best answer to the fraudulent messages generated by voucher proponents is for those of us opposed to the voucher attack on public schools to send our own, authentic messages to lawmakers today and tomorrow. We urge you to click here to automatically be connected by phone┬áto your state senator’s office.