Keeping Up the Fight: Big Issues on Next Week’s Legislative Agenda

Next week some key issues will be taken up in legislative committees in Austin. On Monday morning, the House Appropriations Committee is expected to vote on a bill (HB 275) to use part of the Rainy Day Fund–$4.3 billion of the $9.4 billion in this economic-stabilization fund. Texas AFT supports this move as a necessary first step but one that is far from sufficient.

On Tuesday, March 15, the House Public Education Committee will take up a large batch of bills, but one stands out for its comprehensively wrong approach to the current financial crisis. Instead of providing needed funding, this bill would—in the name of providing school districts with “flexibility”—systematically dismantle educational quality safeguards like class-size limits and salary standards and contract protection for educators. The bill is HB 400, by Rep. Rob Eissler, the Republican from The Woodlands who chairs the committee. You can expect to hear much more about this bill and other notable proposals in upcoming Hotlines and alerts.