No more time to waste—tell Congress to renew Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP)

U.S. senators and members of the U.S. House are falling down on the job, failing to take prompt action to renew the Children’s Health Insurance Program on which nine million children from low-income working families depend for their health coverage. Though lawmakers across the partisan dividing lines profess to agree on the need to extend the program’s funding, Congress allowed that funding to lapse at the end of September nonetheless. Now it seems that in the U.S. House CHIP funding could fall prey to a fight over the sources to be tapped for renewed funding or could get tangled up in a wider conflict over the future of federal health-insurance programs generally. Citizens need to let Congress know further political gamesmanship and delays must not be allowed to delay a single day of coverage for the children who need it.

Please add your name to our Texas AFT petition for prompt restoration of CHIP funding, which will be delivered to the entire 38-member Texas delegation in the U.S. Congress:

The Children’s Health Insurance Program is critical to keeping kids healthy and ready to learn. It has received strong bipartisan support since its creation in 1997, and we have seen over the last 20 years how important it is, which is why we are asking Congress to act immediately to extend it. Letting CHIP funding expire has puts in jeopardy the health and well-being of nine million children who regularly rely on the program for routine checkups, immunizations, medicine, dental care, and eyeglasses. Without these services, nine million kids could go to school sick or unable to read or engage because they need glasses, have ear infections, or have toothaches. Children can’t learn if their health needs are not being properly met.

We urge you to restore CHIP funding without further delay!