Still Need Motivation to Vote?

If you still need a reason to vote in the governor’s race, we invite you to consider the possible consequences of sitting this one out. Here’s a pertinent excerpt from a new article in Texas Monthly magazine about Gov. Rick Perry’s aspirations beyond the governorship:

“Perry is positioning himself for a possible presidential run. His great opportunity is the next legislative session, when the Legislature will be facing a budget shortfall that could amount to as much as $18 billion. For him, there is no better way to establish his national credentials than to slash spending to the bone without a tax increase. The moment is perfect.”

Already we have seen significant agency cuts in education funding ordered by Gov. Perry in anticipation of the next legislative session. Included in the damage inventory thus far: every cent in the budget for science labs our students need to meet curriculum requirements–eliminated; every cent in the state’s special fund for mentoring for new teachers–eliminated; plus substantial cuts in funding for new textbooks and for after-school programs for at-risk students. And that, as House Speaker Joe Straus has predicted, is “just the beginning” of the meat-ax budget cuts we can look forward to if Gov. Perry and his allies get their “perfect moment.”

You can still vote early through Friday, October 29. Or you can vote on Tuesday, November 2.