Survey Question: How Would Proposed Federal Funding Cuts Affect Your School?

AFT President Randi Weingarten has a question for you:  How would your school and your community fare under the budget cuts in education proposed by President Trump?

Some context:  The 2018 budget proposed by President Trump and Secretary DeVos is manifestly cruel to kids. It is catastrophic to the public schools our most vulnerable and at-risk students attend—and a windfall for those who want to profit off of kids. This disastrous budget helps the forces of privatization and corporatization that seek to make education a commodity rather than a great equalizer and an anchor of democracy.

The cuts this administration is proposing are the biggest cuts to the education budget we can recall, even during times of great fiscal stress.

Will you answer a few questions to help us understand how your school will be affected by these cuts?

The cuts take aim at the heart of the bipartisan Every Student Succeeds Act passed in 2015, which requires multiple new accountability measures and has a strong focus on turning around struggling schools.

Of particular concern is the elimination of all Title II funding, which currently provides $2.1 billion under ESSA for professional development, instructional resources, and class-size reduction.

Across America, harsh Title II cuts would jeopardize programs and strategies proven to foster student success, including:

  • Reading support
  • Teacher mentoring
  • Intervention and assistance for at-risk kids
  • Professional development
  • Targeted teaching strategies for English language learners
  • Reduction of class sizes
  • Lesson planning time
  • Recruitment of diverse educator candidates

To fight these cuts, Congress needs to hear how they would affect your work serving students, families and the community.

Take this brief survey and tell us how your schools and communities would be affected by losing these important funds.