Take Texas AFT’s Survey on Teacher Evaluation

Texas AFT’s Committee on Quality Educational Standards in Teaching (QuEST) has come up with a new survey for teachers on the evaluation systems currently in effect in their districts and possible alternatives. Many members already have responded to the survey, initially announced in the Hotline and posted online in mid-December. Please join them in helping to guide our efforts to improve evaluation systems by taking this short survey online at http://survey.texasaft.org. No closing date has been set for the survey at this point, but the earlier you respond, the better.

After you complete the survey, you might want to take a look at an AFT policy statement http://www.aft.org/about/resolution_detail.cfm?articleid=1548 on this subject, passed by delegates to the 2010 AFT national convention last summer. We encourage you to read this AFT resolution and consider how it relates to your teaching practice and to the circumstances teachers face currently in Texas public schools. As the AFT resolution says, “For too long, those with little knowledge about the profession and often no experience teaching have defined for teachers what good teaching practice looks like and how it should be measured.” Now it’s your turn.