Texas AFT Calls for Rejection of Error-Filled Text on Mexican-American Studies

In testimony delivered on November 15, Texas AFT legislative counsel Patty Quinzi urged the State Board of Education to reject a proposed textbook on Mexican-American studies that is rife with errors of fact and biased statements. Quinzi said in part: “This textbook is poorly researched and disparages and insults millions of our students and teachers….We urge you to reject this textbook to help ensure that Texas students and teachers alike have confidence in the depth and quality of the resources before them.” At this writing it appears that SBOE members will indeed reject the text. They already took action on November 15 to reopen the board’s invitation to publishers to develop ethnic-studies textbooks. For prior Hotline coverage of this issue and the strong coalition effort to reject the deeply flawed textbook, see: https://www.texasaft.org/defective-mexican-american-studies-text-denounced-state-board-hearing/.