Texas AFT Joins in Coalition Effort for a Balanced Approach to Balancing the State Budget–Check Out the “Texas Forward” Web Site

We are pleased to announce that Texas AFT and a score of other organizations are launching a coalition effort to fight for a balanced approach to balancing the state budget. Everybody knows that Texas faces serious budget shortfalls, partly because of the Great Recession and partly because of chronic under-funding of public services like education over the years. In education, we already have seen the knee-jerk response from top state officials: an edict mandating arbitrary, across-the-board budget cuts that end up reducing educational opportunity for Texas schoolchildren. In health care, the budget ax is similarly poised to chop vital services for many thousands of vulnerable citizens.

In response, our new coalition, Texas Forward, has rallied around the following core Principles:

1. A truly balanced budget adequately funds today’s needed public services and prepares Texas for future demands caused by changing demographics, technology, and economic competition.

2. A truly balanced budget is supported by taxes that are imposed equitably on families of different income levels and businesses in different sectors.

3. Revenue to fund a truly balanced budget is generated from sources that will grow along with the growth in need for public services.

4. Shuffling money among under-funded programs and shifting the cost of public services off the state budget conceal the true need for more state resources.

5.A truly balanced budget is developed in an open and transparent process.

Diverse organizations have become Texas Forward members because they know that the budget cannot be balanced on cuts alone. Visit Texas Forward today to learn more about our 2011 Legislative Agenda and our activities leading up to January 2011. You can also follow Texas Forward on Facebook and Twitter! We encourage you to get involved in helping us ensure a better future for Texas.