Trump backtracks on gun safety at school; AND DeVos on “60 Minutes”

Trump backtracks on gun safety at school: After initially engaging in some brave talk about taking on the National Rifle Association, President Trump has now backtracked. And AFT President Randi Weingarten has called him on it. She said:

The White House proposal to harden schools and to arm teachers is straight out of the NRA playbook. It is antithetical to the needs of children and ignores the purposes of public education. The administration made a choice to listen to the NRA and gun manufacturers, rather than parents, students, teachers, law enforcement and communities. And while the plan takes baby steps to strengthen the background check system, it will mean more guns in schools and, as a result, more potential for violence and tragedy. What a missed opportunity.

Based on Betsy DeVos’ performance on “60 Minutes” last night, and at Stoneman Douglas High School last week, it’s clear the secretary of education knows little if anything about how to ensure safe and welcoming schools, much less an appropriate environment for teaching and learning. How is she possibly equipped to lead a commission on school safety?

We gave President Trump the benefit of the doubt—just like we did on the Dreamers—sending him a letter asking to let us share what we know, as educators. But he’d rather listen to the NRA, and do its bidding, than be a champion of children.

Get a load of this—DeVos on 60 Minutes: Speaking of that performance by U.S. Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos on 60 Minutes Sunday night—what an embarrassing display! DeVos touted “school choice”—i.e., private-school vouchers and privately run, publicly funded charter schools—as her panacea for shortcomings in public schools, but she was quickly forced to concede that implementation of her preferred policy of privatization in her home state of Michigan has been a disaster. To see a transcript of the DeVos interview and video excerpts for yourself, use this link:​.