Upcoming State Legislative Hearings of Note

A meeting of the House Higher Education Committee has been scheduled for January 20 to consider the new higher-education strategic plan for Texas as proposed by the Higher Education Coordinating Board, dubbed “60x30TX.” Under the plan, Texas would aim by 2030 to have 60 percent of Texans in the 25-to-34 age group attain a post-secondary certificate or degree.

On January 26, the Senate State Affairs Committee will meet in the Senate chamber to consider the hot topic of legislation on open-carry and campus-carry of handguns. The hearing announcement describes the topic in these terms:

Monitor the implementation of open and campus carry legislation and determine if the current laws regulating the places that handguns can be carried are easily understood or if clarification is needed to ensure the average citizen understands when, where, and under what circumstances it is lawful to carry a weapon, versus when it is a criminal offense for which there may be a defense.
On January 27, the Texas Senate’s Select Committee on Property Tax Reform heads to San Antonio for a hearing on “options to further reduce the tax burden on property owners” and “ways to promote transparency, simplicity, and accountability by all taxing entities.”