Urgent: You Have a 12-Hour Window to Vote Tomorrow. What’s Your Plan?

What’s Your Plan to Make Your Vote Count Tomorrow?  Congratulations if you took advantage of early voting to cast your ballot in the important 2010 general election. If you haven’t yet voted, it’s time to make a definite plan to take advantage of your final opportunity to make your voice heard, at your local polling place between the hours of 7 a.m. and 7 p.m. tomorrow, November 2. What time will you go to vote? How will make certain that you get to your neighborhood voting site before the polls close at 7 p.m.?

Remember, this is your best chance to make a difference on the issues of concern to you and your students at a time of severe budget crisis in state government. Either we will elect a governor and lawmakers who want to invest in our state’s future—our students—or we will have to struggle to overcome the resistance of entrenched officeholders who have made a career out of shortchanging educators and public schools.

For the changes we need at the state capitol, from the governor’s office on down, please get out and vote tomorrow. If you’ve already voted, please help to make sure your family, friends, colleagues, and education-minded neighbors  get out and vote tomorrow, too.

For the full roster of education-friendly candidates backed by Texas AFT for statewide office and for district offices all across Texas, visit our Web site at https://www.texasaft.org/. You’ll see your local candidates for the U.S. Congress right at the top of your ballot tomorrow. And right below those will be the challengers for statewide office—including Bill White for governor, Linda Chavez-Thompson for lieutenant governor, and Barbara Ann Radnofsky for attorney general, all of whom are running with Texas AFT’s strong support. And then you’ll see the regional and local offices, including those for State Board of Education and the critical races for seats in the state legislature.

One last word:  Don’t neglect to vote in any elections on the ballot tomorrow for your local school board or on local school funding. For information on these local ballot items, contact your local Texas AFT affiliate.