Voucher Verdict: Dismal Results, No Accountability, and High Cost

Send a letter now to telling your state legislators to say “No!” to Vouchers!

Voucher Verdict: Dismal Results, No Accountability, and High Cost

The evidence keeps piling up against private-school vouchers. And you can help Texas legislators act on that evidence by rejecting private-school voucher schemes proposed in the current session of the Legislature in Austin.

One new study just out this week from the Austin-based Center for Public Policy Priorities lays out in 12 succinct pages how costly and ineffective vouchers are as an educational improvement strategy.

Another recent article pulls together devastating research from studies of long-established voucher schemes in three states–Indiana, Louisiana, and Ohio–showing that voucher results have been not just negligible but downright negative for the achievement of the students involved.

Send a letter now to your state legislators urging them to see current voucher proposals for what they are–a discredited attempt to funnel taxpayer dollars out of public schools to private operators without accountability and without positive results. Help lawmakers recognize that vouchers are nothing but a dead end and a costly diversion from the revamping of Texas school finance our students in public schools urgently need and deserve.