What Do You Think? Let Your Voice Be Heard on Current Issues Via “AFT Voices”

On the “AFT Voices” Web site (http://www.aft.org/voices/), AFT members like you are invited to say what you think about a wide array of current issues affecting teachers, paraprofessionals, and all school-related personnel.  Your opinions are valued and need to be heard. So here’s a menu of the current crop of questions you are invited to answer—and we encourage you to read the comments posted in response to the same question by other AFT members and allies.

* How are Facebook and other social media affecting your school or classroom?

* As demand for a college education grows, how are you stretching resources to meet the needs of your students?

* What is the most pressing issue facing paraprofessionals who work with students with disabilities?

* What effect do you think healthcare reform will have on your job?

* What are your thoughts about employers and health insurers providing incentives for wellness behavior?

* How do you think the Occupy Wall Street movement will affect the 2012 election?