AFT settlement on student loans leads to big results for members

AFT Logo, ghosted image of woman (Jeri) with text: Because of AFT's P-S-L-F settlement, Jeri's life changed in an instant

After AFT settled its lawsuit over the Public Service Loan Forgiveness (PSFL) program, members started seeing big results in their efforts to erase student loan debt. AFT member Jeri O’Bryan said she was able to wipe away $73,000 in loan debt with the program.

“There’s a huge weight coming off my shoulders because of the work of AFT,” she said.

O’Bryan-Losse said that because previous attempts to navigate what was a cumbersome process, many teachers and other public-service employees have been hesitant to try again. “You need to understand that although you may be traumatized by the process you went through before, that there is help available to you now,” she said.