AI Technology in Education: Share Your Thoughts & Win a Gift Card! 

The headlines we’ve seen in recent months about artificial intelligence (AI) can be anxiety-inducing. 

Texas AFT members have reported concerns about students using tools like ChatGPT to skirt assignments, while the Texas Education Agency has begun using computers to grade students’ written answers on this year’s STAAR. However, this emerging technology can also be exhilarating for those looking for new ways to engage students in learning or take tedious, repetitive tasks off their plates. 

Meanwhile, the Texas House of Representatives has established a Artificial Intelligence & Emerging Technologies subcommittee for this interim period between legislative sessions. The subcommittee’s stated purpose: “to determine the ways AI is integrated into our everyday lives and the potential security risks that come along with the emerging technology.”

For this and many other reasons, Texas AFT wants to be prepared to speak on issues of AI in public education and provide resources, training, and advice for our members. To do so, we need to hear from you on how you feel about generative AI technology (tools like Microsoft Copilot, ChatGPT, or that enable you to quickly generate new content) and how you may already be using it. 

We encourage all Texas AFT members to take our brief survey, which we expect will take 10 minutes or less to complete. Out of respect for your valuable time, everyone who completes the survey will be entered to win one of eight $25 gift cards to the First Book Marketplace. 

Click here to take the survey.  

Your input is essential as we navigate the rapidly evolving landscape of AI in education.