Member-only benefit: Let Summer guide you through student debt relief

Summer Program AFTWe know how difficult it is to access and keep on top of all the debt relief options that are available to student loan borrowers. That’s why we’re excited to introduce Summer—AFT’s Summer benefit allows members to enroll for free in a web-based student loan management platform ( It helps our members enroll in and manage the paperwork for income-driven repayment and Public Service Loan Forgiveness, find other debt relief programs, and tailor student loan repayment options to their individual needs. Thousands of AFT members have already joined and, on average, are reducing their payments by about $170 a month and saving more than $57,769 over the life of their loans.

You can find Summer by creating and logging in to your AFT Member Benefits account. Not a member? You can join Texas AFT and its local affiliate unions here. Have a family member or friend who might benefit from Summer’s online tools? By becoming an AFT associate member, they’ll be able to access Summer for free.