Bills on payroll deduction for dues target public employees

Two bills filed this session–HB 510 and SB 13–would remove the ability of teachers, CPS workers, correctional officers, and many other public employees to make voluntary payments from their earnings via safe and secure payroll dues deduction to the employee or professional organization of their choice.

We will be fighting these bills because:

  • It’s your money and your choice. Joining an organization and paying dues is entirely voluntary. Payroll deduction offers a safe and convenient benefit for school employees to voluntarily support professional organizations that enhance the quality of public education in Texas.
  • Contrary to what has been stated by some elected officials, no state or local funds are required to operate the payroll deduction system. State law explicitly provides that the organization receiving dues is responsible for any administrative costs incurred in processing the deduction.
  • The state has no business telling public employees how they should pay their dues.  The state should not pick winners and losers by endorsing or opposing viewpoints or organizations through its payroll deduction policies. State and local entities allow hundreds of organizations with widely varying views to receive voluntary deductions from state and local government employee paychecks.

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