Help our members impacted by devastating wildfires

Man and his wife owners, checking burned and ruined house and yard after fire, consequences of fire disaster accident. Ruins after fire disaster.

From AFT President Randi Weingarten:

This week, I had a Zoom call with some AFT leaders in Oregon. The stories they told me broke my heart.

Entire towns have been burned to the ground, people are fleeing, the sky is full of smoke, and all of this is happening during a health pandemic, where it’s dangerous to seek refuge with other people. These are the worst fires in generations, maybe ever. We’re opening up our Disaster Relief Fund to help make sure that the school bus drivers, teachers, school cafeteria workers, college faculty, graduate workers, other school staff and nurses who are directly impacted by the fires have support from us.

You can give directly to the fund, and 100 percent of the money will go to disaster relief. Help us help these people in crisis.

One of our members said, “This is like Armageddon,” and then went on to talk about how this doesn’t just affect her, but her students. In the middle of the crisis, she was thinking about how this is impacting her students. Another member said, “We don’t know how we’re going to survive this.” She described the devastation and the pain that she and so many others are going through.

We’ve sent N95 masks to OSEA to help, which should arrive tomorrow. And we’re working to make sure these school employees make it through this crisis.I’m asking you to join me, step up and help these heroes. Donate here