Help our Houston union rebuild after a devastating explosion

Texas AFT has a long history of assisting members in need during catastrophic events (fires, hurricanes, flooding, and other disasters). In this case, our entire local union, the Houston Federation of Teachers, is suffering a tremendous loss after an apparent natural gas explosion caused extensive damage to the union hall on January 11.

Luckily the offices were empty because staff is working remotely during the pandemic. This union hall also has served as a focal point for our members, providing them with a gathering space for advocacy meetings, press conferences, and professional development workshops.

Our union brothers and sisters need our help to build back their hall and make it even stronger to office our staff safely and host our members in their actions to improve Houston ISD.

Please help by donating to our Disaster Relief Fund. All proceeds are distributed directly to members and their unions during disasters. Any amount is welcome, but recurring donations keep the fund healthy. Donate now!