AFT Members Push Districts to Stand Up for More Funding, Against Vouchers

The fight for respect is in Austin, but it’s also in our own districts. Texas AFT members across the state have been pushing hard on their school board members to stand with us in fighting for fully funded, fully respected public schools. That also means standing with us against attempts to privatize and defund our schools. 

Thanks to the efforts of our members, Aldine ISD, Cy-Fair ISD, PSJA ISD, and Socorro ISD have all passed resolutions calling on the Legislature to increase funding for public schools and reject voucher bills. Members in Spring ISD and Brazosport ISD have presented draft resolutions to their school boards too. 

That’s the difference between an organization that provides you insurance and discounts and a true union of your peers. We stand together, we fight together, and we move the ball forward. 
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