Solidarity in Action: Teachers Join UAW Strikes for Better Conditions

The United Auto Workers (UAW) continue to picket across the U.S. to voice their commands. In North Texas, UAW members from Carrollton and Roanoke distribution centers were joined by Texas AFT, Alliance AFT, and Southwest AFT members picketing in Carrollton on Thursday, Oct. 5. The pictures on the left are from the UAW Rally and our member’s showing support. 

The UAW workers are demanding better wages and benefits from various employers. There are over 30,000 workers on strike across the U.S., and workers cite frustration with record-breaking profits for corporations while their wages have remained stagnant and are uncompetitive in the current job market. The Wall Street Journal reports that the CEOs of Ford, Stallantis, and GM last year made around 300 times the median earnings of their employees. 

On Tuesday, Sept. 19, Randi Weingarten, president of the American Federation of Teachers, joined the UAW strikes in Toledo, Ohio, to show solidarity with the picketers, reported Market Watch. This display of solidarity with UAW encourages all labor movements to fight for better working conditions and wages.

Weingarten states in Market Watch, “When other workers stand and march side by side with auto workers, it creates a broader sense of community — that something broader is at stake,” Weingarten said. “Something broader is at stake: the American dream.”