Fund Our Schools … The Kids Are Worth It!

Improvements in funding for education and other children’s services have been proposed in the current legislative session, but the education budget remains unresolved as lawmakers work toward a May 29 adjournment. The issue right now is in the hands of ten House-Senate negotiators. They and their colleagues in both chambers need to hear a message from you now to support:

  • The House proposal to increase funding an average of $210 per pupil;
  • The Senate proposal to boost Medicaid health-care funding that benefits needy children;
  • The higher House funding level for retired school employees’ health care;
  • An increase in base funding for community colleges; and
  • A blend of the House and Senate approaches on the structure of school finance, using the House plan for the next two years and using the Senate’s idea of an interim commission to shape a long-term solution.

Send your letter now!