Charter bill backed by Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick moves forward

Charter fact of the week: Charter schools enroll 6% of Texas students but receive 16% of state funding. Learn more facts on why charters are a threat to true public education.

SB 28 passed the Senate last week, but the fight continues to stop this bad bill in the House.  This bill among others would pave the way for rapid charter-school expansion by allowing charters special perks not available to real public schools with elected governance. SB 28’s House companion, HB 3279, would completely eliminate the authority of our elected State Board of Education to veto bad charter applications, instead giving the unelected commissioner of education all authority to approve new charters (with no elected oversight at either the local or state level).

You can help stop these bills by sending your state representative an online letter letting them know that charter schools are an unaccountable second school system that drains taxpayer funds from our true public schools. Send your letter now!