Ebola Resources

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Over the past several months, the Ebola epidemic has become a growing concern for everyone who works in healthcare, both as providers of health services and members of the global community. Healthcare professionals, as well as the public, have questions about identifying potential patients and then implementing best infection control practices to eliminate the likelihood of further contagion.

To address those concerns and answer some of those questions, AFT Nurses and Health Professionals has developed this toolkit. It provides information and strategies about readiness and best practices in Ebola detection, methods of isolation and control where you work, and other information to keep members informed. Knowing what steps to take is only half the battle; making sure they are implemented is another. This toolkit addresses both of those areas. Additional resources will be added in the coming weeks.


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Volunteering and what to expect

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Information for healthcare facilities and workers

Properly using protective equipment

Dealing with Ebola in school settings

If you have questions about protecting your members, or about what is happening in your facility, email Katherine Kany or Darryl Alexander.