School Chaplain Bill Update: School Districts Begin Voting on SB 763

Senate Bill 763 Resource Kit: A Toolkit to Help Protect Texas Students from a School Chaplain Policy. Kit includes: how to speak at board meetings, how to create a petition, organizing protests and rallies, and more. Get your advocacy toolkit at [U-R-L]

From now until March 1, 2024, every Texas school district must decide whether to adopt a policy to allow chaplains to serve as counselors in public schools. Per SB 763, passed in the 88th Legislature, chaplains would operate as students’ first point of contact for mental health assistance, suicide prevention, and other behavioral health services with no requirements for training or certification. 

These votes are now starting to take place. 

Over the past month, Dallas ISD, Austin ISD, and Kerrville ISD have all voted no on adopting SB 763. 

Other districts in Texas have voted in favor of a resolution to allow school chaplains in their schools, including Round Rock ISD, Mineola ISD, and Georgetown ISD.

As school districts begin voting on SB 763, it is of the utmost importance community members make their voices heard. The most promising organizing will happen locally to prevent this bill from going into effect in your school district, so taking action as a community is essential. 

Our friends at Texas Freedom Network have created an SB 763 Resource Kit to help protect Texas students from this policy. The toolkit covers multiple advocacy avenues to empower parents and concerned citizens to get involved locally, which are all covered in extensive detail in the toolkit and have step-by-step guides on how to do it effectively. 

To receive a copy of the toolkit, please visit!

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