Help Shape The Future of Education in Texas: 2 Ways You Can Speak Up About Curriculum, Assessment Changes

As the third special session winds down, educators can continue to make a difference for public education in numerous ways statewide. It is critical that our members participate in ongoing conversations at decision-making tables to ensure that public education continues to thrive. After all, you are the experts.

Texas Educator Committees

The Texas Education Agency is recruiting qualified educators to participate in committees for the Texas Assessment Program (STAAR and TELPAS). The numerous Texas assessments’ development depends on valuable input from educators to help design the test questions that produce the best outcomes for students. TEA is seeking diverse, qualified teachers to ensure that these assessments reflect what students are taught. 

In return for participating in an educator committee, all travel expenses are paid and participants earn continuing professional education (CPE) credits. Meetings are held throughout the year, usually in the summer, with most meetings lasting two to three days. This is an in-depth opportunity to learn “how the sausage is made.” Applications are considered on a rolling basis. If you’re interested, please apply here!

HB 1605 Focus Groups

House Bill 1605, passed in the regular session of the 88th Legislature this spring, requires the Texas Education Agency to develop rubrics to evaluate the quality of instructional materials with the consultation and approval of the State Board of Education. 

The SBOE directed TEA to develop rubrics for K–8 English language arts and reading, K–6 Spanish language arts and reading, and K–12 mathematics. TEA is seeking educator feedback on the draft Instructional Materials Review & Approval Rubrics and is hosting focus groups for educators, education service centers, and publishers.

This is a critical opportunity for members to make their voices heard on implementing a deeply flawed bill. If you or your members want to attend, please register for one of the sessions below.

Educator Focus Groups

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