TEA is offering optional testing for districts and parents to administer to their kids

This will be a hit with kids at the dinner table. Apparently the loss of STAAR this year has some folks missing the prep for and administration of standardized tests. So The Texas Education Agency is offering End-of-the-Year (EOY) assessments for districts, and even parents, to administer to our students. The idea is to gauge where kids are at in achieving the required standards for curriculum after so much disruption from the pandemic. While the TEA stresses that the results wouldn’t be published or used for accountability purposes, nevertheless it used STAAR questions to build a test for our kids.

News coverage of the EOY availability has been widespread and stresses how it’s free and intended to measure possible loss of learning required material. Act now to get your free EOY for COVID slide!

On a more serious note, TEA said data could be used to “research the statewide educational impact of the current crisis to better prepare for the next school year.” And assessments—when not overdone or overemphasized—are a useful tool for identifying student needs. However, the daunting logistics of trying this remotely, along with the timetable left for the school year, make this a dubious proposition for success at being useful.


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