Congrats to some great supporters of public ed headed to the November election

But primary reveals the impact of massive charter-school donations

Congratulations to all of our endorsed candidates who won on Tuesday night and those who made it into run-offs! We know these candidates will be fierce advocates for public education, and we look forward to supporting them in November. 

We also would like to thank all of our members who voted and volunteered on campaigns leading up to the primary. The hard work showed, and in races we tracked members turned out at nearly double the average rate through early voting!

The primary, however, did reveal a disturbing trend. Pro-voucher and pro-charter Political Action Committees (PACs) threw an incredible amount of money into candidates we oppose. In a one-month span, three charter-school advocacy PACs made very large contributions totaling $576,784. About 90% of all three PACs’ funding comes from out-of-state donors who also support private school vouchers. A fourth pro-voucher/charter PAC received $500,000 from an out-of-state donor but made no expenditures. This activity dwarfs normal spending patterns by other powerful PACs. We will need our People Power to fight this financial behemoth.

Highlighted Results

At the top of the ticket, Vice President Joe Biden wins Texas by about 3% with Senator Bernie Sanders coming in 2nd.

U.S. Senate
The Texas U.S. Senate race will go into a run-off between MJ Hegar and Texas State Senator Royce West.

U.S. Congress
Our endorsed candidates for US Congress Adrienne Bell (CD-14), Gina Ortiz Jones (CD-23), and Julie Oliver (CD-25) all won their primaries Tuesday night. We also congratulate Jessica Cisneros for the hard work and dedication she and her team put in the race against Henry Cuellar in CD-28 in the Valley. 

Texas Senate
Endorsed candidates Senators Judith Zaffirini and Jose Menendez won their primaries.

Texas House
Congrats to our endorsed candidates who are going on to the November General Election:

Gary VanDeaver (HD 1)
Keith Bell (HD 4)
Travis Clardy (HD 11)
Ernest Bailes (HD 18)
Dade Phelan (HD 21)
Ron Reynolds (HD 27)
Todd Hunter (HD 32)
Abel Herrero (HD 34)
Oscar Longoria (HD 35)
Sergio Munoz (HD 36)
Armando Martinez (HD 39)
Terry Canales (HD 40)
Erin Zwiener (HD 45)
Sheryl Cole (HD 46)
Vikki Goodwin (HD 47)
Donna Howard (HD 48)
Gina Hinojsa (HD 49)
Celia Israel (HD 50)
Eddie Rodriguez (HD 51)
Hugh Shine (HD 55)
Trent Ashby (HD 57)
Michelle Beckley (HD 65)
Drew Darby (HD 72)
Mary Gonzalez (HD 75)
Evelina Ortega (HD 77)
Joe Moody (HD 78)
Art Fierro (HD 79)
Four Price (HD 87)
Ramon Romero (HD 90)
Nicole Collier (HD 95)
Giovanni Capriglione (HD 98)
Charlie Geren (HD 99)
Chris Turner (HD 101)
Ana-Maria Ramos (HD 102)
Rafael Anchia (HD 103)
Jessica Gonzalez (HD 104)
Terry Meza (HD 105)
Victoria Neave (HD 107)
Carl Sherman (HD 109)
Toni Rose (HD 110)
Yvonne Davis (HD 111)
Rhetta Bowers (HD 113)
John Turner (HD 114)
Julie Johnson (HD 115)
Trey Martinez Fischer (HD 116)
Philip Cortez (HD 117)
Leo Pacheco (HD 118)
Diego Bernal (HD 123)
Ina Minjarez (HD 124)
Ray Lopez (HD 125)
Alma Allen (HD 131)
Gina Calanni (HD 132)
Jon Rosenthal (HD 135)
John Bucy (HD 136)
Gene Wu (HD 137)
Jarvis Johnson (HD 139)
Armando Walle (HD 140)
Senfronia Thompson (HD 141)
Mary Ann Perez (HD 144)
Shawn Thierry (HD 146)
Garnet Coleman (HD 147)
Hubert Vo (HD 149)

Texas House Run-Offs
J.D. Sheffield will enter into a run-off with Shelby Slawson in HD 59. Lorraine Birabil will enter into a run-off with Jasmine Felicia Crockett in HD 100. Harold Dutton will enter into a run-off with Jerry Davis in HD 142. Penny Morales Shaw will enter into a run-off with Anna Eastman in House District 148.