Senator Roland Gutierrez to Receive Acts of Courage Award From Texas AFT

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June 23, 2023


Senator Roland Gutierrez to Receive Acts of Courage Award From Texas AFT

The award will be presented to the state senator from Uvalde for his dedication to the safety of Texas students, educators, and communities.

AUSTIN, Texas — For his relentless advocacy to improve school safety and end gun violence, Sen. Roland Gutierrez will receive an Acts of Courage Award from Texas AFT at their 31st biennial convention in McAllen. The award will be presented this Friday, June 23, at 2 PM.

Over the course of this past legislative session and well before its start, Gutierrez has worked tirelessly to advocate on behalf of Uvalde families, whose children and teachers were slain in the Robb Elementary Massacre on May 24, 2022. Gutierrez has never let politicians in Austin forget about the need to make smart investments in our schools, reject private school voucher schemes, and promote common sense legislation to keep Texans safe. And his efforts have not gone unnoticed, which is why Texas AFT is proud to recognize his service. 

“When teachers and our schools were getting a raw deal on the budget, on private school vouchers, and on the danger facing our communities by horrific gun violence, Sen. Roland Gutierrez refused to stay silent,” said Texas AFT President Zeph Capo. “I am grateful that Sen. Gutierrez came into the Texas Capitol with a mission to speak truth and do right by teachers and students. This state would be a much better place to live, learn, and thrive if we had more leaders in elected office like him.”

“Our educators are the backbone of our public neighborhood schools, shaping the minds and futures of our children. They deserve safe and supportive working environments that enable them to thrive and deliver the best education possible. It is sick and twisted that we have the largest budget surplus in Texas history and this Legislature didn’t do a damn thing to keep our kids safe, increase teacher pay, and secure the investment our neighborhood schools deserve,” said Texas Sen. Roland Gutierrez. “I am humbled to be recognized by Texas AFT. They have worked tirelessly to secure the future of our state and wake up lawmakers to respect the concerns of our teachers. I am forever proud to stand in solidarity with the good people of Texas AFT.”


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