Statement on Rep. Krause letter seeking investigation of books in schools


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Texas AFT President Zeph Capo commented today on Rep. Krause’s letter seeking investigation of books in schools:

It’s still a few days before Halloween and yet we have a state lawmaker out hunting for witches– in all the wrong places. Rep. Krause has launched a ridiculous, time-consuming, and tax-dollar-wasting attempt at forming a personal hit list of books in school libraries–books he doesn’t like because they portray our diverse Texas population and the difficult issues its students face. 

His “Boo!” trying to intimidate school officials this week is akin to the Red Scare, but this time with scurrilous accusations against our teachers and librarians–Krause ready to pounce on the Boogeyman in the form of supposed critical race theory curriculum and education around sexuality and gender.

Krause has thrown together a list of 865 books that he wants to ban. We don’t need statewide politicians and a candidate for attorney general on an inquisition to ban books. We need our professionals in school offering our diverse students literature and resources to inspire them with the knowledge that they are not alone in the challenges ahead.

The Texas Education Agency and all targeted school districts should reject this wasteful fishing expedition by Krause, which he is using as a wedge issue to gain attention in his political race.


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