Austin union wins policy limiting after-school meetings

Education Austin members

The dreaded after-school meeting, sometimes set with little notice and scheduled after a previous string of end-of-workday meetings. Education Austin–our local union for Austin ISD–recently worked with the district to develop a policy that defines what’s allowed for these meetings required of elementary-school staff. The policy, passed by the School Board recently after months of work by the union. 

  • Limits required after-school meetings to four hours a month or one hour a week.
  • Requires 48 hours notice for meetings, and to “every extent possible” 24-hour cancellation notices
  • Mandates that an agenda with time-specific items be set
  • (The limits don’t apply to emergency meetings or paid professional development.)

The union developed the policy in elected consultation–a process pioneered by Texas AFT in which an organization is elected by district employees to represent them in negotiations with districts in salary and workplace issues.