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If we fight together, we can #ThriveTogether.

Our working conditions are our students’ learning conditions. By taking care of our needs as employees, we ensure our students have what they need to succeed. Lawmakers in Austin have refused to give this state’s educators a pay raise, just like they’ve refused to take up bills that would improve their day-to-day working working environment.

We have to raise our voices together until they listen.

Featured Action Campaign

Gov. Abbott: Release the $4.5 Billion Our Public Schools Need

Texas AFT calls on Gov. Greg Abbott to use his authority as governor to disburse $4.5 billion for public schools being held hostage in his quest for a private school voucher. If he could call four special sessions last year to try to pass a voucher, he can take emergency action to fund our public schools. Send an e-letter. 

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Our fight to thrive is about creating respectful working conditions with more planning time, fewer added duties and extra paperwork, resources to prevent burnout before it starts, and a defined workday that doesn’t require us to sacrifice our personal lives for our jobs. 

This future is possible. Our educators and students need this future. Our state can afford this future. We must demand it.

Winning that future requires every Texan who works in, learns in, and supports public schools to step up and speak out.

It’s an election year, and our public schools are on YOUR ballot. Visit Texas AFT’s Voter Education Hub for need-to-know information and pick up union-made voting merch at store.texasaft.org.

Every purchase acts as a donation to our union’s political fund and our fight for thriving Texas public schools.

Talk to Your Co-Workers

Did you know that more than half of Texas AFT members said they joined our union because a colleague or friend encouraged them to do so? Talking to your colleagues about what a thriving public school system means to you is critical to growing our movement and building our power!

Contact Your Legislators

Remember this: Your local, state, and national representatives work for you — not the other way around. Their job is to represent your interests as a constituent, but they need to hear from you directly about what those interests are! Find out who your state lawmakers are and call, email, or visit their office.

Write Letters to the Editor

Have you ever sent a letter to the editor of your local newspaper? Letters to the editor are great ways for you to reach a large, diverse audience in your community and show how widespread support for public schools in Texas is. Get Texas AFT’s guide on writing LTEs & start today!

Our March 19 Educating Texas session focused on the power of local organizing, and how you can make a difference in your community by working together. Watch the recording for some inspiration.

Cy-Fair AFT members take action at a school board meeting

Join Our Fight: If you’re a Texas school employee (K-12 or higher ed!), we invite you to join our union & our fight to thrive. Join online today.