Topic: School Funding

2023 Poll Finds (Again) That Texans Love Their Public Schools

The Charles Butt Foundation has released its 2023 poll on Texans’ attitudes toward public education, and, once again, the results confirm what we already know: Texans overwhelmingly support and value their public schools and those who work in them.  Among the key findings of this year’s poll:  89% of Texans support increasing teacher salaries. 89% of Texas public school parents are...

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Iowa General Assembly Passes Controversial Private School Voucher Legislation

This past week, the Iowa General Assembly passed a bill to use public tax dollars to fund private school education scholarships. Gov. Kim Reynolds, an outspoken supporter of private school vouchers, signed the bill Tuesday, just hours after it was voted out of the Iowa Senate.  This school voucher bill is the third such push by Reynolds in as many...

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