Bipartisan effort by majority of legislators takes aim at killing the STAAR test this year

This past week, more than half the legislators in the Texas House signed onto an open letter sent by Rep. Diego Bernal that calls on Education Commissioner Mike Morath to suspend the administration of the STAAR test this year. The group of 68 representatives that signed on to the letter is made up of both Democrats and Republicans. Numerous other Representatives and Senators have sent their own letters calling for stalls in the administration of the STAAR test this year. 

In a year that has been anything but standard, it is unfair to measure our students’ achievement against typical testing standards. The Texas Education Agency and Morath have long recognized the COVID-Slide as a real phenomenon, but only to argue for the reopening of schools, which puts teachers and students at risk. Even with COVID-19 cases spiking across Texas, TEA continues to push forward with plans to administer high-stakes testing this year. Texas AFT continues to call for the TEA to suspend the STAAR test — and all associated high-stakes — for the 2020-2021 school year.