Statement on Senate school finance bill release

April 25, 2019

Rob D’Amico, 512-627-1343

Texas American Federation of Teachers President Louis Malfaro commented today on the state Senate’s plan for school finance, which was heard in a committee meeting this morning:

The Senate’s plan fails to recognize that pay for test scores is a misuse of the STAAR test, and its not essential to the goal of incentivizing teachers to work at struggling campuses. The House version of the plan and the scores of educators we’ve talked to rightly recognize that using the STAAR test to decide on compensation is unfair, divisive, and ends up encouraging even more overcasting, excessive test prep, and teaching to the test in place of true learning.

On the plus side, the Senate’s plan recognizes the need to invest in the proven results of pre-K and shows a commitment to increased funding for our schools and higher pay for our teachers and librarians. With 289 pages and a lot of moving parts, it’s clear that this bill has a long way to go, and we appreciate the efforts of senators moving forward to ensure we get the best plan possible.