Tell the governor we need notification if nurses aren’t employed on campuses

Anyone who’s worked in one of our public schools knows that school nurses are too often unsung heroes. In this time of pandemic, they’re being asked to do more than ever — and their presence is more important than ever for students.  

In our current crisis, though, schools aren’t required to tell parents whether they have a full-time nurse on duty.

Why? Gov. Greg Abbott vetoed a 2017 bill that would have required parental notification. At the time, he called it a “needless regulatory mandate.”  

That wasn’t true then, and it’s incredibly dangerous now. In the middle of a pandemic and a chaotic patchwork of school reopenings, parents are deciding whether to send their children back to school — without knowing if that school has a full-time nurse.  

The presence of a nurse on campus can be a matter of life-and-death. Send our e-letter to Gov. Abbott and tell him it’s time to fix his past mistake?