Top news of the week: School finance gets messy with pay for test scores; charters given millions to expand; and TRS bill moves forward

Early voting ends tomorrow for many communities with school board races; get involved and vote
Your local school board implements many of the policies affecting your work (and makes salary decisions). So it behooves you to help elect solid candidates who will work for our educators and students! Here are a few races where our locals have endorsed candidates.

School finance plan gets messy with pay for test scores; Texas charter chains granted millions to expand
The Senate is a bit Johnny come lately with its school finance bill, which also includes educator compensation based on STAAR scores. Also a must read: Three charter chains get a big chunk of money for rapid expansion in Houston.

TRS pension bill moves forward
On the good news front, the best bill for making the TRS pension fund sound and providing a 13th check for retirees moves on from the House. Now it ping pongs back to the Senate to hash out the differences in the two bodies’ plans.


Here’s one glaring reason why school board races are important: a current board member fabricating experience and insulting teachers
Despite overwhelming evidence that she lied about teaching for 10 years in the district and receiving a degree from a local college, an El Paso ISD School Board member marches on seeking re-election on May 4.

The Legislative Hotline carries news of TRS health insurance premium increases
And after queries from readers, here’s old item from TxEd in the Media outlining why school employees don’t have state employee insurance, and how we got to the TRS ActiveCare system we have today.