TxEd in the Media Top Stories (March 25, 2019)

The week in Texas Education News

San Antonio ISD schoolsSan Antonio handing over 18 schools to management groups; and celebrate the Power of Pre-K!
San Antonio ISD plows ahead with questionable “partnerships” with groups to manage a huge number of its schools–giving the public less than three days to read 1,200 pages of documents for the deal. In better news, we rallied around the benefits of pre-K at the Capitol today.


Support Staff Pay Raises?Better wages needed for support staff; the big news in the HB 3; and making schools safer
We finally see some coverage of how our support team in schools is suffering from low wages, and what the prospects are for a pay raise. We also take one more look at what led to taking out pay for test scores in the House school funding bill. Plus, a disturbing look at lead in school water, and money is ponied up for school safety.

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