VICTORY! Less Testing in Dallas ISD

Reduced Testing ScheduleDistrict Test Names, Descriptions, Grade Levels


Alliance/AFT leadership met with Chief of Teaching and Curriculum, Dr. Shannon Trejo, and other administrators on Wednesday, June 28, 2023 and learned that the district has heard your voice loud and clear about “TOO MUCH TESTING”! They have acted because of your actions during our RED (Respect, Equity, and Dignity) campaign and communications through your union.

The most relief is realized at the K-8 grade levels in this first phase of the reductions where as much as 90 – 1500 minutes will be returned to teachers to actually teach and not test or do test prep. See the attached charts which show grade levels, required state tests, district assessments, and test-type being reduced. It also shows the number of minutes being regained for instruction.

Reading and Math are the two subjects currently focused on testing reductions in grades 3-8 with the district using Amplify, Eureka, and Carnegie curricula. These programs have assessments embedded in the instruction. Teachers will follow the TE (Teacher’s Edition) for the lesson plans and not have to duplicate them.

MAPS will continue to be used in grades K-8 and administered at mid-year before the first semester ends. MAPS will also be used for the student growth section of TEI for teachers in those grades. ACPs will still be used in subjects like Science and Social Studies for now.

More work needs to be done with reducing the amount of testing our students are put through, but you’ve made a huge dent in regaining time to provide instruction to your students. Thank you for fighting, showing up, and being engaged! You’re amazing!!