School Funding Comes to a Vote in Texas House

–School Funding Comes to a Vote in Texas House –Senate Committee Puts Priority on More Money for Charters –State Board of Education Debates Science Standards School Funding Comes to a Vote:  Scheduled for state House floor consideration on Wednesday is HB 21, the bill by Rep. Dan Huberty (R-Houston) to revise school-finance formulas and increase […]

Upholding Standards for the Teaching Profession

On a busy day in state House and Senate education committees, we want to highlight one issue in particular raised by companion bills in both chambers. SB 1278 by Sen. Larry Taylor (R-Friendswood) and HB 2924 by Rep. Dwayne Bohac (R-Houston) reflect the agenda of private, for-profit educator-preparation programs calling for lower standards of entry […]

Texas AFT Calls for Rejection of Error-Filled Text on Mexican-American Studies

In testimony delivered on November 15, Texas AFT legislative counsel Patty Quinzi urged the State Board of Education to reject a proposed textbook on Mexican-American studies that is rife with errors of fact and biased statements. Quinzi said in part: “This textbook is poorly researched and disparages and insults millions of our students and teachers….We urge […]

Defective Mexican-American Studies Text Denounced at State Board Hearing

Upwards of a hundred witnesses citing chapter and verse came to the State Board of Education September 13 to urge rejection of a proposed Mexican-American studies text rife with outright errors and redolent of bias. Among the witnesses were state legislators, Mexican-American history specialists, parents, and veteran K-12 educators including Texas AFT secretary-treasurer Ray McMurrey. […]

Community-Educator Coalition Combats Ethnic-Studies Textbook Distortions

Texas AFT and allies in the Responsible Ethnic Studies Textbook Coalition will be rallying and testifying before the State Board of Education on September 13 against approval of a grossly flawed textbook proposed for use in Texas classrooms. At issue is a Mexican-American studies text, published by a former member of the State Board of […]

State Board’s Approval of This Textbook Would be a Travesty—Speak Out!

A broad coalition of organizations and scholars from across Texas is calling on the State Board of Education to reject a proposed Mexican-American studies textbook that promotes offensive cultural stereotypes, distorts history and is plagued by factual errors. Texas AFT is a partner in this coalition. The textbook on Mexican-American history and culture proposed for […]

Out-of-State Charter Chain’s Bid for Metroplex Campus Rejected

The Athlos charter chain, based in Idaho, has once again seen its bid for a Metroplex charter site vetoed by the State Board of Education, despite initial approval by the commissioner of education. SBOE members voted 7 to 6 against the Athlos proposal after members in the majority voiced ongoing concerns about the Athlos model […]

New Survey Finds Overwhelming Discontent with State Testing

An online survey on testing and accountability by State Board of Education chair Donna Bahorich drew responses last month from 27,186 Texans, and their take on the state’s current testing regime was overwhelmingly negative. The Houston Republican and her colleagues on the 15-member, elected State Board reviewed the responses today and voted to forward them […]

SBOE Deals with Charter Expansion, Testing

The 15-member elected State Board of Education meets in Austin this week to consider a lengthy agenda that includes charter expansion and an ongoing review of the validity and reliability of standardized state tests used to measure student and school performance. Commissioner of Education Mike Morath has given preliminary approval to three charter applications, including […]

State Board Surveys Texans on Fixes for State Testing and School Ratings

Many educators, parents, and concerned citizens have spoken out against the misuse and overuse of standardized tests and test-based school ratings at a series of nine Community Conversations across the state prompted by State Board of Education chair Donna Bahorich of Houston. Now a lot more of us have a chance to weigh in via […]