Become a Bridges Trainer

A teacher looks at their laptop while seated at a desk in a classroom. They are smiling and raising their hands.

Are you interested in training for your local affiliate? Many local unions use AFT professional development to organize externally, to address students’ academic and emotional needs, and to support current classroom educators with issues that matter to them.

The process looks different depending on the local union, so contact yours to find out how you can get involved.

About the Bridges Institute Training Program

AFT, Texas AFT, and all local affiliates are committed to providing educators with the tools they need to:

  • change practice
  • promote student achievement
  • enhance our union’s organizing efforts
  • support a new kind of union activism through a research-based professional development program

The program is an ongoing process rather than an in-service event. And it is implemented and led by current classroom educators who apply these practices in their own classrooms.

Professional Development Testimonials

Your work can make a difference for your colleagues. Here is just a few of the reviews from attendees of previous professional development programs.

“I have told my fellow teachers on many occasions that this is top-notch staff development, and all teachers should take advantage of it. Taking courses from respected teaching professionals who know the challenges we face because they have lived them makes it even more valuable. I am a much stronger union supporter because of these courses.”

“Participating in this professional development has affirmed my belief that the union has the needs of its members as its top priority. The researched strategies/ concepts are best practices that can inform and drive instruction.”

“Great ideas for working with all students. Information was relevant and informative. Resources and strategies … will be useful in any content area and in a wide range of student demographics and academic levels.”

“Applicable to all educators, and I can implement in my job setting immediately.”

Current Trainers