Send a tweet to the governor to cap off School Safety Week

National School Safety Week ends today. Let’s cap off the week with a tweet to Gov. Greg Abbott. You can “Save As” the images below to accompany your tweets.

Sample Tweets

#SchoolSafety shouldn’t be a political issue, @GovAbbott. So why aren’t local health authorities the ones calling the shots on school reopenings?  

The TEA is not a public health authority, and it shouldn’t make public health decisions. @GovAbbott, give our local leaders and school districts the authority to make safe, responsible decisions without worrying they’ll lose funding.  #SchoolSafety 

To reopen schools safely, we need to listen to local health authorities — not an indicted attorney general. Sign the @TexasAFT petition and tell @GovAbbott to do just that.  

I have a question for @GovAbbott: How can we be safe at school with 30 kids in a classroom, with no ability to socially distance? #SchoolSafety 

I have a question for @GovAbbott: How can our schools be safe if they cannot enforce mask-wearing for students and staff? #SchoolSafety 

More than 2,500 reports to the @TexasAFT #StopTheSpreadTX tracker paint a bleak picture about #SchoolSafety. What are you doing to control this pandemic and make our schools safer, @GovAbbott?