Action Alert: Help stop the power grab targeting State Board of Education elections

The Texas Legislature is poised to take power away from minority communities for a decade on the State Board of Education (SBOE).

We could be at risk of losing diverse representation, especially in Houston.

Why do the State Board of Education redistricting maps matter? They set the curriculum that teachers teach, review instructional materials, establish graduation requirements, make decisions on whether new charter schools should exist, and administer the public school fund.

The proposed maps fail to fairly represent Texans of color, particularly in urban areas and suburban areas. Texas public schools are only 26 percent Anglo. The vast majority of our students are of color. These kids need to see themselves in their educational leadership. How can safely-gerrymandered, locked-in, rural representatives truly understand and advocate for the specific needs of our urban students of color?”

Can you help us to submit public comments on these bad redistricting bills? Tell the House committee members to OPPOSE SB 7 to protect the future of public education in Texas. We demand fair maps that reflect the diversity of our great state.

How You Can Help

  1. Visit the Texas House public comments online portal. <====================
  2. In the Bills and Topics list, look for SB 7 by Huffman under the October 11 House Redistricting Committee list.
  3. Write and submit a public comment to oppose SB 7.
  4. The window for public comments closes at the end of the hearing TOMORROW. That hearing starts at 9 A.M., so get your comments in now!