Texas Senate task force offers recommendations for school reopenings

The Senate Democratic Caucus created an Education Stakeholder Task Force that is composed of child care providers, teachers, administrators, parents, and representatives from state wide organizations. These individuals and organizations shared their concerns and recommendations regarding reopening schools and making distanced learning more equitable. 

The recommendations created by the task force after several meetings are outlined below:

  •  Local districts should make the decision to reopen shoulds with substantial feedback from parents, teachers, and data from public health officials. 
  • The state should offer schools resources and develop COVID-19 action plans to assist schools and student populations that are being disportionately impacted by COVID-19. 
  • The state should also work to ensure transparency with distribution of state and federal funding and provide additional funding to mitigate COVID-19. 
  • The state should address the challenges presented with distanced learning by providing essential learning materials to students who are in need. 
  • The state should give districts and teachers flexibility to ensure all students’ needs are met. 
  • The state should work to continue the pause of the State of Texas Assessments  of Academic Readiness (STAAR) by obtaining federal waivers.
  • The state should be dedicated to ensuring that the services offered in school are able to continue in different learning environments.