Texas May Revoke Largest Teacher Prep Program’s Accreditation

Teacher and a group of elementary school kids at a bus stop

After a long history of customer complaints, for-profit Texas Teachers of Tomorrow, Texas’ largest teacher preparation program, faces revocation of its accreditation after the program failed to make improvements while on probation after a 2021 audit found the company to be out of compliance in key state standards including admission, curriculum, and governance. The audit also found that the company misled educators with advertising and it did not support candidates with required mentors.

Although Texas Teachers of Tomorrow enrolled nearly 70,000 candidates in the past year, less than 10% of candidates completed the program, with even less earning certification. With the largest preparation program in Texas doing such a poor job of properly preparing educators for the classroom and failing to set them up for success, it is no wonder so many new teachers leave the profession within a short time. 

The Texas Education Agency found the company did not meet its terms to improve and is issuing a recommendation to revoke its accreditation. Texas Teachers of Tomorrow is set to present arguments against the Texas Education Agency’s claims before a judge in the State Office of Administrative Hearings (SOAH). The outcome of the hearing could lead to the company’s accreditation being revoked or SOAH may grant the company another opportunity to correct the issues.