TRS starts nomination process for trustee election; Texas AFT members are strongly encouraged to apply

TRS is now accepting nominations for the election of two positions on the TRS Board of Trustees. One of these positions is designated for retirees currently receiving TRS benefits. The other position is an at-large position designated either for retirees currently receiving TRS benefits or a current member of the system who is either inactive or currently contributing to TRS and whose most recent service credit was received from either a public school district, an institution of higher education, a charter school, or a regional education service center. 

Interested candidates must collect at least 250 signatures from eligible members via online or paper petition no later than January 25, 2023. Voting will occur between March 15 and May 5, 2023. The governor will choose between the top three candidates for both positions who received the most votes, and the governor’s selected candidates for both positions will take office in September of 2023 for a term that will last until August 31, 2029. 

We strongly encourage Texas AFT members who are active contributing, inactive, or retired TRS members to apply. If you are interested in applying, please send an email to