End-Game on Budget Leaves Education Funding in Competition With Tax Giveaways

State lawmakers in recent days have voted for tax giveaways totaling more than a billion dollars, even as the legislative leadership and the governor profess to have insufficient funds available to restore fully the amounts cut from public education in 2011. The end-game on the budget also features leadership amnesia regarding the $12 billion available in the state Economic Stabilization Fund (a/k/a the Rainy Day Fund reserve) that also could be tapped to avoid continuing education cuts for another two-year budget cycle.

At least some of your senators and representatives—led by the Democratic caucus in the Texas House–are still fighting for a better deal for the schoolchildren of Texas, and they need your help.  Please let lawmakers know that education funding deserves priority over tax giveaways and that artificial constraints should not block use of the Rainy Day Fund for education and other unmet state needs.  Send a new letter on the budget in opposition to tax giveaways and in support of using the Rainy Day Fund to invest in the future of Texas.