The Fight against Testing Inertia on the Federal Level—Sign AFT’s Petition!

Your voice was critical in the repeal of No Child Left Behind testing mandates and the enactment of the Every Student Succeeds Act, and your voice needs to be heard again as federal ESSA rules on accountability systems—that is, the rules around what counts in determining which schools are identified for supports—become final.

Sign our petition to the Department of Education on ESSA regulations before the Aug. 1 deadline.

Our members have made it a priority to get the implementation of ESSA right. As more responsibilities and decision-making are returned to states and districts, we want to seize the opportunity to fight for high-quality public education for all students, and resources and respect for educators.

Show your commitment to fighting for ESSA by signing this petition.

Some of the proposed regulations reinforce the law’s flexibility for states around incorporating non-test measures into accountability systems, and allowing schools and their communities to choose interventions for struggling schools. But other aspects of the proposed regulations give cause for major concerns. We need to push for improvements now, before these rules become final.

It is important that you add your voice before these rules are finalized. Sign this petition now.

Without enough time to put in place all of the potential improvements allowed in their accountability systems, states will tend to fall back on what they already have—test-driven accountability systems. We spent too much time fighting for a good bipartisan fix to No Child Left Behind; we have to make sure we get ESSA right.

Sign the petition now.